Monday, April 15, 2024
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Imran should seek apology for his previous conspiracy: Rashid

Pervaiz critisizes pakistan peoples party leadership

ISLAMABAD, 10 APR, (DNA) – Information Minister Pervaiz Rashid has asked when Imran Khan will seek apology for hatching conspiracies, getting Chinese President’s visit postponed, inciting people to attack PTV and jailbreak of Bannu prison.

Pervaiz Rashid has asked 3 questions from Imran Khan before his address to the nation.

Rashid asked first the question that when Imran Khan will apologise to the nation over postponing Chinese President’s visit to Pakistan. When will Imran Khan apologise to the nation over inciting people to attack Pakistan Television Corporation (PTV), Rashid asked second question.

He asked the third questions that when will Imran Khan apologise for causing loss of trillion of rupees to the country?

The Minister hoped that Imran will answer these questions before addressing the nation. However, Imran did not give much of the importance to the questions asked by Pervaiz Rashid.

He said Supreme Court’s Chief Justice has rejected Imran Khan’s previous allegations. “Imran Khan should first seek apology for his previous conspiracy of organizing a sit-in in Islamabad, which inflicted loss

of billions of rupees to national economy, before hatching a new conspiracy of another sit-in,” the Minister remarked. =DNA


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