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If Pakistan can hold elections, why not Afghanistan: Analysts

KABUL, 27 MAY (DNA) – A number of Afghan analysts said that considering security threats in Pakistan, holding of election is also possible in Afghanistan and the government of Afghanistan should not use insecurity as a pretext not to hold elections.

The analysts add that however there are some common views from Pakistan’s politicians and political parties against Afghanistan that Afghanistan is a weak country but a peaceful election is in favour of Afghanistan.

Pakistan’s general election was held amid tight security measures. It is said that for providing security for this election more than 600,00 security forces have been stationed in different parts of the country. Previously, offices of a number of candidates have not been safe against attacks.

But in Afghanistan a number of analysts have different opinions regarding holding of Pakistan’s elections. The analysts say that considering Pakistan’s security threats if the Afghan government has a strong will, holding of elections is possible in Afghanistan.

“Insecurity is a pretext for our government. If the government has a strong will for holding elections there is no problem and you see that the government is even endeavouring to delay approving the election law and Pakistan’s parliamentary election is also effective for Afghanistan’s situation,” Mahmood Saiqal, international relations analyst told foreign media.

These analysts say that considering Pakistan’s past policies against Afghanistan, every winning party in Pakistan doesn’t want to see an independent and powerful neighbour.

“Supporting of Pakistan’s civil government is also in favour of Afghanistan because It is better that the winning party of the election should support Pakistan’s civil government because Pakistan’s military governments always reached their goals through violence and extremism which has also affected Afghanistan,” Nader Naderi member of Afghanistan research and evaluation unit told foreign media.

This one-day election is held while this country is witnessing termination of the first elected non-military government and handover of power to another government. The people of Pakistan are hopeful that this election could put an end to massive corruption, power struggle and bankrupt economy of the country. DNA


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