Friday, May 20, 2022
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Head of Mission’s Spouses Group donation to Master Ayub’s school

ISLAMABAD, FEB 22 /DNA/ – Head of Mission’s Spouses Group donation  to Master Ayub’s school at Sector F 6/3, Hill Road, Street 9, Local Park. It was for such a noble cause that I, Zlatomira Yurdakul ( Turkish Ambassador’s Wife) had set aside a very small part of the money from the sale of the book “Culinary Diplomacy”, with which I bought 60 portable tables on behalf of HoMS Group to donate to the Ayub’s school . 
3 groups of 60 children study in the school of Master Ayub, a total of 180 children. 
The donation that was made today includes 60 portable tables on behalf of HoMS Group !!!Separately, tha Wives decided to use personal funds to help Master Ayub.  The amount of 37,000 PKR was donated in cash.  Separately, Madame Tarana (Azerbaijan), bought 180 bags of school supplies.  Madame Fawziah ( Yemen ) brought 2 bags of treats.  Huge thanks to Serena Hotel who prepared 180 boxes of fruit cake especially for today !!!Zlatomira Yurdakul handed to Master Ayub a bag of notebooks. 
Below is the list of names of the Ladies who donated money :1. Madame Nezira (Bosnia and Herzegovina) 2. Madame Amal (Palestine)  3. Madame Naoko ( Japan) – 4. Madame Darlene  ( Cuba) 5. Madame Fawziah (Yemen) 6. Madame Zevar ( Tadjikistan) 7. Madame Pornrat  ( Thailand) 8. Madame Irina ( Indonesia) 9. Madame Minsun ( Korea) – 10. Madame Rania  ( Syria) – The Ladies, who were unable to attend today but sent money.11. Madame Binita  (Nepal) 12. Madame Junaidah ( Brunei) 13. Madame  Elmira ( Kyrgyzstan) Thanks to14. Madame Julia ( EU- Germany) RegardsZlatomira

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