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FPCCI Vice President advocates for closer academia-industry collaboration

FPCCI Vice President advocates for closer academia-industry collaboration

ISLAMABAD, APR 26 /DNA/ – Qurat ul Ain Vice President Federation of Pakistan Chamber of Commerce & Industry (FPCCI), met Khalid Maqbool Siddiqui Federal Ministry of Federal Education and Professional Training. She  apprised the FM about gap between academia and industry, esearch and cooperation, tecnical education, and other issues

Federal Minister for Education reiterated the government’s dedication to revolutionizing the education sector in Pakistan. By implementing comprehensive strategies and fostering collaboration with key stakeholders, the Ministry aims to create a brighter future for the nation’s youth. He futher said that bridge the gap between academia and industry is our big mission. in this case will be provide cutting-edge IT skills to the youth,so that ensuring their relevance in the ever-evolving job market.

Minister Siddiqui futher said  that the industry and universities should work together to solve the country’s problems through research and cooperation. he said that people with technical education and technical experience are in demand all over the world. He said that the government is paying special attention to vocational education.

He futher said that women were very important pillar of our society and skillful women needed to move forward for progress, in every field including politics, religion and education women should play their role. said that the government were spending a lot of money for the promotion of higher education and now it was the responsibility of the universities to pay special attention to research in line with the requirements of the modern era and bring the public sector universities to national and international rankings.

FM Siddiqui said that the business community was the backbone of the country’s economy and the government was taking pragmatic steps to resolve all their problems. He emphasized on the business community pay special attention to increase exports so as to increase the country’s foreign exchange.

Ms. Qurat ul Ain Vice President FPCCI said that fortunately we had abundance of natural and human resource but unfortunately we were not utilizing the potential of our manpower. She said that the secret of various developed nations was skilled labor. She said that the governments should devise good policies to facilitate industrialists. He said that we should reduce gap between our import and export.

Ms. Quratul Ain Vice President Federation of Pakistan Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FPCCI) has urged upon the government to set up a policy to promote technical education in the country so that the target to provide employment to  people could be achieved. She said that there was a need to launch a National Technical Education Progrmme to produce skilled labour to meet the requirement of our industries as well as to cater for the growing need of the Arab and Gulf countries. Pakistan’s rapid population growth and the corresponding expansion of the workforce are a burden on the national economy. Millions of young people enter the job market annually, but they are unable to find work and do not contribute to national growth due to lack of relevant skills. In addition to the school requirement, there is a great requirement for establishment of a large number of vocational training centers.

Vice President FPCCI Ms. Qurat ul Ain futher said that  She also urged the government to evolve policies requiring compulsory linkages between institutions and industry for all existing and upcoming industries in relevant areas in order to foster employability skills. She said that with the provisioning of better technical training facilities the country would be able to export of skilled labour and thereby earn foreign exchange. In short service sector required better planning to give much desired boost to our human capital, She added.

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