Friday, December 1, 2023
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Foreign Office summons Indian DHM JP SINGH

The Director General (SA & SAARC), Dr. Mohammad Faisal, summoned the Indian Deputy High Commissioner, Mr. J.P. Singh today (16 December 2016) and strongly condemned the unprovoked ceasefire violations and targeting of a school van, on 16 December 2016, by the Indian occupation Forces on the LoC, in Nikial sector, resulting in shahadat of 1 innocent civilian and injuries to 4 school children.

He stated that the deliberate targeting of civilians, villages and civilian transport and a school van is condemnable and contrary to human dignity as well as international human rights and humanitarian laws.



The Director General urged the Indian side to respect the 2003 Ceasefire Understanding; investigate this incident and other incidents of ceasefire violations; instruct the Indian forces to respect the ceasefire, in letter and spirit, stop targeting the villages and civilians and maintain peace on the LoC.


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