Wednesday, October 4, 2023
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Forces capture top Taliban commander in North Waziristan

WANA, April 2 (DNA): The security forces on Saturday captured a senior Pakistani Taliban commander, Ahmad Mehsud, in a remote mountainous region of North Waziristan, security officials said.Ahmad Mehsud is considered an important commander of the banned Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan as he had been behind attacks on the forces and the tribal elders in Waziristan region.

The commander was injured and was hiding in a house in Razmak area of North Waziristan, security officials said. The forces also recovered a big cache of arms and explosives from the hideout.

Security sources said commander Mehsud had fled to Afghanistan after the security forces launched a major operation in the region in June 2014. They said Mehsud was wanted to the authorities for his involvement in several terrorist attacks.

The forces conducted an operation on a tip off about the presence of the Taliban commander in a house, an official said.

The authorities are describing the arrest of Mehsud as a major success as his arrest can lead to capturing of other Taliban who are hiding in the mountains.

The army is now carrying out final phase of the major offensive codenamed “Zarb-e-Azb” in remote and rugged mountains. Officials believe that the militants have moved to the mountains after fleeing from towns.

The security forces have taken control of nearly 95 areas in North Waziristan that was the last stronghold of the Taliban and other militant groups including foreigners.

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