Saturday, March 2, 2024
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Fire engulfs three localities in Karachi

KARACHI: A medicine manufacturing factory in Hawksbay, a garment factory and a godown of generators in the SITE area caught fire on Friday in Karachi.

To extinguish the third-degree fire in SITE, firefighters around the city were called in. According to the officials, gas pipeline leakages were the reason behind recurrent fires.

The factory caught fire hours after blaze turned a private company into ashes. No casualties were reported in the incident, stated the local median.

According to the fire brigade officials, eight fire tenders and two bowsers were dispatched to the SITE area keeping in view the intensity of the fire. During the continuous struggle against fire, the fire brigade vehicles ran out of water.

The fire brigade officials had earlier said that fire could not be controlled until the Sui Gas staff cut off gas supply.

A large quantity of medicines perished in the factory fire in Karachi’s Hawksbay area.

According to the factory owners, a short circuit in the factory caused the blaze.


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