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FIA starts investigation against CDA on illegal slums

ISLAMABAD, 11 OCT (DNA) – Federal Investigation Authority has started investigation against the Capital Development Authority for providing facilities to illegal slums of sector H-9 and H-10.

FIA believes that some officials in the CDA’s related departments allowed illegal slums on greenbelts and government land and providing water, gas, electricity to the slums. Some CDA officials have also been accused of receiving monthly extortion from the residents.

According to the FIA sources, the facilities had been provided in Akram Masih Gill colony and “Rimsha colony in sectors of H-9 and H-10 that house more than 1200 illegal houses.

The FIA’s anti-crime has sought record of the CDA’s Environment Directorate, Security and Vigilance, Enforcement, Land and State, Water Supply and Sewerage department. According to a CDA official, the records are being gathered and a detailed report will be submitted to FIA in few days.

FIA has also required details of demolished slums of last three years by CDA.  According to insiders, the land was occupied by the residents of the slums who were the affectees of Rawaal dam, with the help from trade union and officials of CDA.

Akram Masih Gill colony in H-9 was illegally constructed on temporary basis in 2009 to house more than 300 families in 700 tents. The colony now resides more than 3000 families and has grabbed 200 kanals of land.

The colony has two churches and dozens of cow sheds under the grip of CDA’s trade union and two of them are owned by CDA officials who are related to trade union.  DNA

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