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FBR bans inter-port transshipment traffic

KARACHI, 3 JAN (DNA) –  The Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) has barred inter-port movement of the transshipment cargos and is also ensuring the de-sealing of containers should only be at port of destination to make foolproof system for transshipment permit (TP), sources said on Saturday.

They added that the monitoring for the TP cargo in cases of less container load (LCL) would be conducted through computerised system to ensure transparency.

“Diectorate of Automation and Reform (Customs) had brought changes in the in-house computerised system i.e. WeBOC (Web Based One Customs) to ensure the movement of TP consignment in transparent manner,” a source said. In the past, several cases of misuse had been reported.

According to changes, the online system would only allow the transshipment of LCL cargo from the one-dock terminals at Model Customs Collectorate (MCC) Appraisement East, West and MCC Port Qasim.

The online system would ensure that no movement of TP – LCL is allowed from one off-dock terminals to another off-dock terminal. “No inter-port movement shall be allowed after TP-GD carrier manifest filing,” it said.

It will allow de-sealing of the container at the port of destination. “The online system shall make the container visible only to the de-sealing staff at the port of destination,” it added. The directorate has also created certain check in case the TP cargo failed to reach in specified timings.

 The online system would automatically block the bonded carrier with the exception of Pakistan Railways, which is also bonded carrier for carrying goods if TP LCL cargo does not reach the destination within specified number of days. At present, the TP containers have been allowed to reach destination up to seven days.

 In such cases where the consignments faced problems the online system would allow option to amend the days. Customs sources said the TP cargo remained worrisome for the authorities due to a rise in cases of misuse. Under the existing system, the TP consignments are only allowed filing of goods declaration and clearance at the port of destination, which was opposed by certain quarters as it was giving opportunity to a rise in smuggling cases.

One of the proposals forwarded was to clear the import consignments at a port of entry and the facility of TP should only be extended for export consignments. DNA

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