Thursday, June 20, 2024
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Every Plot owner to have specific numbers of plants to increase greenery of Islamabad


ISLAMABAD, JUN 15 – CDA management in order to enhance the greenery and beauty of Islamabad has passed the law which will require every plot owner irrespective of size and usage to have specific types and  numbers of pants .

This law will be implemented on existing houses as well. The object to increase tree cover in islamabad. This will apply to govt buildings and schools as well as colleges.

To jump start activity management has instructed envt wing to provide trees to govt institutions and schools. Provision of free saplings to schools will build a sense of responsibility among students and also add to tree cover.

CDA has been actively pursuing plans and activities to make Islamabad more beautiful and this regard various areas have utilised for Myawaki forsests.over seven hundred thousand plants will be planted in summer time.

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