Chief Editor: Ansar Mahmood Bhatti

DNA website ranks second in ranking of Pakistani news agencies


ISLAMABAD, AUG 06 (DNA) – The Diplomatic News Agency (DNA) ( has ranked second after state-owned news agency APP, in the current ranking of news agencies of Pakistan.

The ranking is issued by Alexa.Com, the website that issues rankings of various organizations including the news agencies.

The ranking is arranged on the basis of content of the said news agency, number of visits of readers, and global ranking. There are roughly 13 million online websites operating in Pakistan.

According to the, the state-owned news agency of Pakistan Associated Press of Pakistan (APP) ranked 1,881. The DNA news agency ranked 8, 636. There are scores of news agencies in Pakistan, however a comparison is given below for top 10 ten news agencies.

Likewise ranking of other news agencies is as follows. INP, 22,847, PPI 39,765, Online 39467, NNI 50,148, and SABA 67,447.

It may be mentioned here that the DNA news agency happens to be the youngest news agency, which started its operations in 2012. The DNA is run by career and experienced journalists.

The DNA website is handled by experienced web editors. The DNA website stands out for its exclusive news especially news about diplomatic corps.

All other agencies are minimum 20 years old. Some are even older than 20 years. DNA is the only news agency in Pakistan that extensively covers diplomatic activities, apart from coverage of routine news such as politics; business; sports; show-biz; culture; human rights etc.=DNA

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