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Dar congratulated on successful 11th review with IMF

ISLAMABAD, 19 MAY (DNA) – The United States Special Representative for Afghanistan and Pakistan, Richard Olson Thursday congratulated Finance Minister, Muhammad Ishaq Dar on successful conclusion of 11th review under Extended Fund Facility with International Monetary Fund (IMF)

US Special Representative for Afghanistan and Pakistan, Richard Olson, accompanied by US Ambassador David Hale called on Finance Minister, Senator Mohammad Ishaq Dar here on Thursday.

Richard Olson felicitated the Finance Minister on the successful conclusion of the 11th Review with the IMF. He said it was a creditable achievement as it indicated government’s commitment to reforms and economic stabilization. The Minister stated that the reform program agreed with the Fund was homegrown and the government remains fully committed to further economic reforms, wherever required, in the future.

The US Representative informed the Minister about the preparations for US-Pak Business Opportunities Conference to be held in New York on June 3, 2016 and stated that businessmen from both sides have shown great enthusiasm for the Conference.

Finance Minister expressed that such events would provide members of Pak-US business and traders communities the opportunity to have direct interaction and establish joint ventures and partnerships. He regretted that he would not be personally able to participate in the Conference due to the budget related engagements.

Minister Dar and Ambassador Olson reaffirmed their shared commitment to expand and deepen trade and economic ties between the two countries. The Minister said that US Exim Banks planned financing for the 3600 MW LNG based power projects in the country, would open new avenues of bilateral cooperation. Officials of US Embassy and Ministry of Finance were also present in the meeting. DNA

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