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Pak seeks France’s Cooperation in Higher Education Sector


PARIS, JAN 04, (DNA) – Bilateral cooperation between the higher education sectors of France and Pakistan especially for the Master and Doctorate degree programs in the engineering, management and research fields would help provide high quality human resources to Pakistan’s growing and expanding industrial and manufacturing sectors.

This was stated by the Ambassador of Pakistan to France Moin ul Haque while talking to Mr. Philippe Jamet, President of Institute Mines-Telecom (IMT) during his visit to IMT’s headquarters in Paris, today.

The Ambassador said that Pakistan is on a positive growth trajectory since last three years with enhanced investments by foreign and local investors. Pakistan would seek to launch industrial-based research projects with France in order to meet the requirements of the growing industrial and communication infrastructure in the country.

Ambassador briefed them about government’s focus and increased budgetary allocation for the higher education and sought IMT’s collaboration to set up campuses by the French top Universities in Pakistan.

Ambassador invited IMT’s delegation to visit Pakistan to hold meetings with Higher Education Commission and management of top universities of Pakistan and research institutions of Pakistan.

President, Mr. Jamet said the engineering and management schools under IMT umbrella are known for their innovative tools for producing leaders in engineering and digital transition, while innovation providing state of the art research laboratories to the scientists to

pursue their research work. The institute also provides higher education in the fields of energy, environment, future technologies, economic, management and cross disciplinary education like health and wellbeing and smart and sustainable cities.

Ms. Frédérique Vincent, Executive Vice President, International Affairs and Mr. Christian Roux, Executive Vice President for Research and Innovation were also present during the meeting.
More than 600 Pakistani students and pursuing their Master, PHD and post doctorate degrees in various higher education institutions of France.
IMT is an umbrella supervisory setup of the Ministry of Economy of France which have over ten top engineering and business schools under its fold with over 14000 students across France.=DNA


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