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Chinese university holds symposium on Pakistani film ‘Parwaaz Hai Junoon’

BEIJING, November 29  –  To enhance and develop China-Pakistan friendship between people of the two countries and enrich their amateur cultural life, Sichuan Normal University held a symposium on Pakistani film ‘Parwaaz Hai Junoon.
It facilitated Pakistan students to watch the movie. The tutor of Pakistani students and some researchers of Pakistan Study Center of the University participated in the activity.

In addition, a Faculty member from Pakistan Study Center of Sichuan University was also invited to take part in the activity.

During watching the film in the cinema, all the Pakistani students were proud of the beauty of Pakistan presented in the film, and they were also delighted to share the beautiful connotation of Pakistani culture with the Chinese audience.

In the symposium on reflections on watching the film, combined with the content of the film, the students exchanged their sincere feelings for their motherland Pakistan and their nostalgia for their own nation and family parents.

The students also discussed the connotation and significance of people-to-people exchanges between China and Pakistan based on the plot of the film.

In combination with the scenes of the film, the students also talked about their understanding and feelings of the chengdu culture and their special and friendly feelings towards the Chinese people from a cross-cultural perspective.

The students agreed that they will enhance mutual understanding between the people of the two countries with their practical actions in the future study and life, so as to make people-to-people friendship between China and Pakistan even closer.

The movie tells the story of the Pakistani youth pilot passed through the difficult military quality and flying skills training, thus transformed into excellent, patriotic and dedicated air force pilots growth experience and psychological process.

It motivates youth having persistent desire to focus on the dedication to work, the patriotic enthusiasm of national emotion and pride. It also shows the Pakistani young people straight up the spirit of good quality, the pursuit of a better life.

The movie also provides an opportunity to the Chinese viewers to witness the Pakistani beautiful earth mountains and rivers, and rich cultural connotation, said the University’s sources.

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