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Mrs. Farrukh Khan hails Pakistan’s first space mission as sign of progress and innovation

Mrs. Farrukh Khan hails Pakistan's first space mission as sign of progress and innovation

ISLAMABAD, MAY 3 /DNA/ – The central leader of Pakistan Muslim League, Working National Assembly Mrs. Farrukh Khan has congratulated the nation on the departure of Pakistan’s first space mission “IQB”. It is the day of putting, we pay tribute to the pioneers, in the future we will have to count the light instead of measuring the darkness.

Mrs. Farrukh Khan said that this wonderful achievement is due to the dedication, skill and vision of our scientists, engineers and technicians. It is a proof that today Pakistan has also turned this dream into reality. He said that it is a sign of progress and innovation of our nation.

The member of the National Assembly said that this success will start a new era in space exploration, scientific research and technological development. He said that the appreciation of Pakistan-China friendship.

The China-Pakistan partnership not only underlines the strength of our diplomatic ties but also highlights the role of unity in achieving extraordinary goals.

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