Wednesday, June 19, 2024
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Chauraha, unconventional story to change audience in a positive way, says Madiha Imam

ISLAMABAD, – VJ turned actress and television host Madiha Imam recently shared titbits of her on-going hit serial ‘Chauraha’ revealing the positive aspect of unfolding story-line.

Famed Pakistani actress hailed for her spectacular roles in hit dramas such as, Muqaddar, Dil-e-Momin and Baba Jani, has been recently in news due to the on-going serial ‘Chauraha’ in which she is playing the lead role as Zoya.

A young and naïve girl Zoya has to face so many hardships after becoming a victim of a heinous crime done by Junaid.

Recently, the actress appeared in an interview for entertainment-based magazine ‘Fuchsia’ and shared some details about her new serial.

While talking about the storyline and its significance to showcase a message for audience, ‘Dhaani’ actress revealed the path which will unfold when the story will come to an end, giving a different aspect for the viewers.

“This is an unconventional story which is different from what we usually watch on TV. The producers choose, not to opt a usual toxic path common in such storyline which is why although we are getting a good audience response but still its less in comparison to what huge amount of rating and viewers we could have get if we were to opt the same toxic path. But we choose not to go the same way, and we can say that by this we want to change the audience in a positive way by giving new flavor & new aspects and I am super grateful for the team for this.”

Along with this the actress also revealed about what audience could expect in upcoming episodes of Chauraha.

“You will see elements of romance, heartbreak, understanding, evolution and a lot of newness in upcoming episodes and you won’t be disappointed with the story.”

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