Monday, June 24, 2024
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Fresh round if violent acts, emergence if militants seems matter of great concern in parts of KP

Shamim Shahid 
PESHAWAR / DNA/ – Whatever might be claims and justifications on the part of government, high ups of policy making institutions towards Afghanistan but stock of questions arises in the wake of latest wave of violent acts and sense of insecurity amongst North Waziristan tribesmen which reached to its peak.
 Continuous violent acts especially target killing despite government or military high ups claims of clearing the area and eliminating terrorists has forced North Waziristan tribesmen to come out on roads. And thousands of tribesmen from all over North Waziristan are on roads and putting on half all sorts of trade, business, administrative and even social activities since mid of previous July. Even the Hugh ups compelled to send requests protesting tribesmen on Sunday to open the roads just for supplies to administrative organs and personnel if security forces including military personnel.
On the other hands, after North Waziristan now militants associated with banned TTP and other groups now appearing throughout Swat Valley and other parts of Malakand divisions. On Sunday there were reports of clashes between security forces and banned TTP and security forces just on Pak Afghan border at Binshshi of Lower Dir. Whereas on mid night between Sunday and Monday, the militants attacked a police post in Matta Tehsil of Swat District. On Monday, a clash between police and militants reported in sane Matta causing injuries to at least four persons including an officer.
Matta remained center of banned TTP Swat chapter from 2005 till 2009 last. Banned Tehrik Nifaz Sharia Muhammadi chief late Sufi Muhammad had started armed lashkar of around 10 thousand untrained persons to Afghanistan soon after 9/11 when the US accused Taliban and Al Qaeda of attacking World Trade Center and Pentagon. Similarly this act on the part of Sufi Muhammad father in law of the then Chief of banned TTP  has paved the ways for extremism and terrorism trend from one time most liberal and moderate Swat Valley and spread throughout Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.
Two days back on Sunday evening some unknown miscreants opened firing against vehicle of ruling Pakistan Tehrik Insfaaf MPA  Malik Liaqat in his native Maidan area of Lower Dir. At leas four including two policemen, cousin and a nephew of Malik Liaqat killed whereas Malil Liaqat along with three other injured swriously. Malik Liaqat along with two others now under treatment in a private hospital at Islamabad.
The fresh flow of violence is causing wide range unrest amongst people throughout the province. The Khyber Pakhtunkwa police is already on target of militants. Official data reveal that over 60 policemen including officers targeted by unknown persons during current year. 
Increasing violent acts and alleged reactivating of banned TTP militants at the time of talks at Kabul is a matter if serious concern. The fresh wave of terror is focused on civilian administration, police force and tribesmen who are supporting government visible policies against terror.
Opposition nationalist Awami National Party leaders alleges that besides paying extortion, the ruling PTI leaders including Ministers are reluctant to resist or oppose terror acts in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

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