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Bait-ul-Sukoon provides free treatment to 15295 cancer patients

KARACHI, 30 MAY (DNA) – Bait-ul-Sukoon Cancer Hospital successfully provided treatment to 15,295 cancer patients entirely free of cost since its inception. The hospital spends around Rs 1 to 2 million on average while charges nothing to them.

Bait-ul-Sukoon provides tertiary and palliative care to all cancer patients while chemotherapy, radiotherapy, surgery, symptomatic, and supportive management, pain management, investigative procedures, blood transfusion, follow up care, boarding and lodging all are part of the patient welfare provided by the hospital.

In a statement Dr. Jawaid Mallick, Medical Director, Bait-ul-Sukoon, said the hospital was established in 1999 as a hospice. It has provided treatment to 15,295 in-house patients and 50,963 OPD cases. Around 13,742 patients received chemotherapy, over 3,214 radiotherapy and over 2594 underwent lifesaving surgeries.

He said that the budget requirement for fiscal year 2016-17 has been increased to meet its running expenses. Hospital needs Rs. 135 million during this period in order to provide healthcare facilities to non-affording patients.

He said that Bait-ul-Sukoon is entirely a charitable hospital, at Block 3, KCHS near the Hill Park Karachi and has the capacity to treat 50 patients at a time at its three fully equipped floors

Extensive numbers of in-house and visiting patient are being provided different medical facilities including OPD, Chemotherapy, Radiotherapy, Ultrasound, X-Ray, Pathological Laboratory, Mammogram and Surgical facilities under specialist doctors at the new second floor of the building. Besides, the hospital also has Breast and Psychological Clinics with modern treatment practices, he added.

Dr. Jawaid said that a team of independent chartered accountants of Ernst & Young Ford Rhodes, Sidat Hyder & Co audits the accounts of the institution and the board of trustees maintains transparent governance in hospital operations

He appealed philanthropists and general public to come forward and join hands for this noble cause by donating generously to help the deserving receive life-saving treatment which costs about Rs. 1,000,000 to 2,000,000. per patient. DNA

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