Wednesday, November 29, 2023
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At least 81 passengers injured after two buses collide in New York

A double-decker bus crashed into a public bus carrying a large number of people Thursday night near Gramercy Park, Manhattan, New York City injuring around 81 people as they were transported to the hospital.

According to the eyewitnesses, passengers were screaming as the bus passed through a red light and “T-boned” the bus.

After the horrific accident, the buses were packed.

According to fire department official Paul Hopper, none of the injured had life-threatening wounds.

The coach was going so fast that it hit the bus twice, according to Richard Davey, New York City Transit president.

“There were 20 New Yorkers on the X27 [public bus] just trying to get home this evening… when this tour bus behind us seemed to have blown a red light and T-boned our bus… As I understand, it was going so fast, it actually hit it twice,” he said.

“A good [bus driver] was banged up, but with no life-threatening injuries, thank goodness,” he said.

“But [it] certainly was a harrowing moment for him and you know, a harrowing moment, frankly, for the other 26 or so passengers on the big bus behind us.”

As the pictures started to emerge from the scene, both the buses were significantly damaged as the front window of the tour bus was completely damaged.

Many of the passengers were left with cuts, bruises, scrapes, some suspected fractures, and some head and neck injuries, as well”, said Hopper.

According to the Telegraph, responders had to use ladders and smash through windows to reach some of the injured, lowering them down to the ground using ropes.

Passenger Ishrak Jahan told CBS News that he saw the bus “barreling towards him”.

“I heard the lady next to me scream, so I looked up and I saw this bus barreling towards us,” he said.

“I just saw glass everywhere for a second. It was honestly like I was in a movie, I saw blood.”

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