Chief Editor: Ansar Mahmood Bhatti

APRA seeks help CCP to end monopoly of food delivery company



Karachi: The All Pakistan Restaurant Association (APRA), has continued to boycott for the 2nd day over the unfair practices by foodpanda. All restaurants have blocked foodpanda from their apps and made it clear once again that if blackmailing will not be stopped then in the second phase after Karachi, foodpanda will be boycotted across the country.

“We have received many complaints from our member restaurants that foodpanda is involved in anti-competitive business conduct by forcing restaurants to sign exclusive contracts with them limiting them to work with any other food delivery companies”, Naeem added. This way, new entrants for e.g. Careem, Cheetay, Eat Mubarak etc. are facing threats as they are unable to get due share from the market due to the dominant position taken by Foodpanda.

In a letter to Director General Policy, Competition Commission of Pakistan, APRA chairman Muhammad Naeem Siddiqui stated that as we have an Act that prohibits the abuse of a dominant position through any practice that prevents, restricts, reduces, or distorts competition in the relevant market

 APRA chairman requested DG Policy, Competition Commission of Pakistan to initiate proceedings on this case and by ending the monopoly and forbid foodpanda to sign any such exclusive contracts.

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