Friday, April 19, 2024
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Analysis: Paris attacks: attackers might have come thru Syria by Ansar Mahmood Bhatti

ISLAMABAD: The deadly Paris attacks that claimed over 160 lives have sent shock waves throughout the world. The whole world has extended support to France at this critical time.  This is not for the first time that that France has been hit hard by terrorists, even in January this year some miscreants attacked office of French newspaper Charlie Hebdo, which had published blasphemous materials. 11 people were killed in that January 7 attack. This time tally is huge and perhaps unprecedented in the recent French history.

France, as well as other European countries have been hit hard by influx of refugees from Syria. As IS has already claimed responsibility, so the question is as to how the IS managed to gatecrash into Europe or for that matter France? It is believed the IS operatives might have sneaked into Europe in the garb of refugees. They came to some European country and then entered France because once you are in any European country, which is part of Schengen then you can enter any other country because the Schengen regime has virtually done away with border controls. In normal circumstances, it is almost impossible to keep a stock of such lethal weapons and suicide jackets anywhere in Europe and especially in France, where a state of the art intelligence apparatus is in place besides intense network of human-based intelligence.

So this move appears to be very well calculated and well planned. And if it is really IS behind these attacks then we have to explore history of creation of Daesh and groups and organisations that have been sponsoring and harboring Daesh people.

France has already sealed its borders while other European countries are also likely to follow the suit.  The purpose of the attacks from the face of it, seems to disrupt the upcoming international conference on climate change. This conference is important in the sense that it would determine how to overcome issues of climate change and waste disposal related matters. Despite this gruesome attack, one should hope the conference would take  place as per the schedule. (DETAILED COMMENT ON THIS ISSUE WILL BE PUBLISHED IN THE COMING ISSUE OF CENTRELINE)

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