Saturday, July 13, 2024
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An era ends with passing of Robin Ghosh

KARACHI /LAHORE: The man behind some of Lollywood’s most popular tunes, Robin Ghosh, is no more. He breathed his last at Cure Care Hospital in Dhaka, Bangladesh on Saturday morning.Over a career the spanned several decades, the 79-year-old acted as music composer for numerous Urdu and Bengali films. With his passing, an entire era that saw quality film music take the front seat in Pakistani cinema of yesteryears has ended.

Musician Arshad Mahmud is one of those who started out looking up to Ghosh. “I think he was the finest film music composer we ever had,” Mahmud maintains. Back when Mahmud was working with EMI Pakistan, there were a number of occasions when he met the late musician. “Though he was not directly involved with EMI, most of the singers he composed for were associated with it, hence he would keep tabs on the quality of sound… he was a thorough professional.”

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