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Sunday, September 27th, 2015


Pakistan extending training and technical support to developing countries: PM

NEW YORK: Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif while addressing a high-level roundtable on South-South Cooperation at the United Nations (UN) on Saturday announced that Pakistan is extending training and technical support to developing countries in a number of diverse fields.Nawaz informed UN General Secretary Ban Ki-moon and Chinese President Xi Jinping that Pakistan’s Foreign Service Academy in Islamabad had been offering training facilities to African, Central Asian and other countries.

Ministry confirms deaths of 18 Pakistani pilgrims in Mina stampede

MAKKAH: At least 18 Pakistani pilgrims are confirmed dead while 20 are reported injured after a stampede which killed more than 700 in Mina outside the holy city of Makkah on Thursday.According to a list published by the Ministry of Religious Affairs, the deceased persons include Hafsa Shoaib, Zarin Naseem, Syeda Narjis Shahnaz, Bibi Zainab, Mahmood Arshad, Rasheedan Bibi, Zahid Gul, Dr. Ameer Ali Lashari and Makhdoomzada Syed Asad Murtaza Gillani, Abdul Rehman, Shehnaz Qamar, Islam Ahmad, Bushra Bibi, Muhammad Hasrat, Azeem Khan, Muhammad Idrees, Aamir Muhammad Malook and GulRead More