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Wednesday, June 24th, 2015


At least 18 dead in attack in China’s Xinjiang

BEIJING: At least 18 people are dead after ethnic Uighurs attacked police with knives and bombs at a traffic checkpoint in China’s western Xinjiang region, Radio Free Asia reported on Wednesday. The attack occurred on Monday in a district of the southern city of Kashgar, where tensions between Muslim Uighurs that call the region home and the majority Han Chinese have led to bloodshed in recent years.Suspects killed several police officers with knives and bombs after speeding through a traffic checkpoint in a car in Kashgar’s Tahtakoruk district, United States-basedRead More

‘New Delhi’s aggressiveness a premeditated policy’

ISLAMABAD: Indian belligerence has already damaged the prospects of normalisation of relations with Pakistan and analysts fear that New Delhi would continue with its aggressive approach.Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s call to Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif last week conveying Ramazan greetings, after a spate of hostile statements, failed to generate expectations of progress in the relationship between the countries. In Pakistan, the call was largely seen as a part of Mr Modi’s effort to reach out to leaders of Muslim countries in the region and reflecting a disinterest in bilateralRead More