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World marks Mother’s Day with utmost love, respect

ISLAMABAD, 08 MAY, (DNA) – Mother’s Day was observed on Sunday in countries across the world including Pakistan that celebrates the countless sacrifices of the figure who never refrains from going to any length to comfort her offspring.

The day which falls on the second Sunday of May every year, celebrates the mother of the family and her countless sacrifices and devotion.

It also celebrates the tender touch of motherhood, maternal bonds and influence of mother in society. A mother’s arms are made of tenderness and children sleep soundly in them.

In Pakistan many people honor their mothers by handing them gifts to express their profound love for their mamas. Those who have lost their mothers pray and pay their respects to the dears departed.

Many schools hold special programs in order to acknowledge the efforts of their mothers, whereas media channels celebrate it by airing special programs meant to honor the mothers.

In his message on the occasion of World Mother’s Day, Prime Minister Muhammad Nawaz Sharif’s said: “I wish all mothers a happy mother’s day and would like to commend them for the work they do in contributing to family life, both in the home and, increasingly, as breadwinners. “

“I will continue to uphold my commitment to strengthen women role in family life and make sure that mothers are appreciated in a way that makes every day a mother’s day. We owe much of whom we are, our characters, our accomplishments, and our ambitions to our mothers and I sincerely hope that we will remember that in every stride that we make,” the PM said in his message.

“My mother is my real asset and today I am standing tall because of her . I am today because of her,” the PM remarked. =DNA



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