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Turkey to deal with terrorism with an iron hand, says Tayyip Erdogan Cyprus solution on bi-zonal, bi-communal basis

By Ansar Mahmood Bhatti in Nicosia
Nicosia, North Cyprus, July 21( DNA) – President of Turkey Recep Tayyip Erdogan has said his country would deal with terrorism with an iron hand adding terrorists cannot stop them from their struggle to nip this menace in the bud.The Turkish president was speaking to media upon his arrival in Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus to attend 41sr anniversary of peace and freedom operation. The Turkish president was referring to July 20 terrorists’ attacks in Turkey in which 28 people were killed.
The Turkish president further said terrorists were trying to hamper peace and progress in Turkey but determined all such designs would be foiled. He said, Turkey has been bearing the brunt of this menace for quite some time now however due to government steps terrorists acts had been effectively checked.
The Turkish president said, terrorists have no religion, no country and no place in society. He sought Turkish people support in order to curb this menace.
President Erdogan also spoke about the Cyprus issue and said Turkey would continue to extend its support to the people of North Cyprus. He said, at the same time Turkey as a guarantor power will continue its struggle for a just and peaceful solution to the issue.
The Turkish president further said let there should be no doubts about the Turkish support to the people of North Cyprus. You will always find us with you all the time.
He said the water problem of North Cyprus people shall also be solved very soon as most of the work on laying of water pipeline from Turkey to TRNC had been completed. He said only 1.5 kilometer pipeline was left which will be completed soon.
Once the pipeline project is completed the island will definitely become a paradise. The Turkish president also talked about education sector adding North Cyprus was doing good job in this sector. He said coming of more and more foreign students to the island for education was a proof that the education standards maintained by the North Cyprus universities are the best in the world.
The President of Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC) Mustafa Akinci also spoke on the occasion. He assured the people of TRNC that nothing less than a bi-zonal and communal settlement shall be accepted.
He said his government would do its best to pursue negotiations with the Greek side in order to resolve this issue as per the wishes of the people of North Cyprus.
It may be mentioned here that Nicosia is the only divided capital in the world. North Cyprus celebrates on July 20 the peace and freedom operation when Turkish forces came to the island to prevent Greek Cyprus bid of reunion of the island with Greece. Turkey since then maintains a sizeable number of military troops on the island. It is because of presence of these troops on the island that Greek Cyprus government is still in talks with the North side.
The European Union in its unilateral decision decided to grant membership of the Union to Greek side despite the fact that the Greek side had rejected the UN Secretary General Kofi Anan plan for reunification of the island. The Turkish side( 63 per cent) had said Yes to the plan .= DNA

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