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What does it take to become US president?

What does it take to become US president?

WASHINGTON, NOV 08, (DNA): A person needs to fulfill three basic requirements to run for presidential elections.

The candidate has to be born in the United States (US). Additionally he has to have lived there for 14 years. He has to be at least 35 years old.

The president is not just the head of the government. He is also the Commander in Chief of the military.

The US president receives $400,000 as salary every year. He gets another $50,000 for miscellaneous expenses. Additionally he gets $100,000 to travel and $19,000 as an allowance.

Former US presidents also get a pension worth $200,000 every month. Currently four former US presidents are alive. They include George Bush, Bill Clinton, Jimmy Carter and George Bush.

Prove you are a natural born citizen of the United States. This is a constitutional requirement. If you are presently a citizen but you were born in another country, you are not eligible to be president.

  • Really, you want to be as “American” as possible. Did you grow up in a long cabin playing baseball and eating apple pie? Are there photos of you dressing up as Benjamin Franklin and Thomas Jefferson for Halloween? Excellent.
  • urn 35 years old. The constitution also prohibits anyone who is not yet 35 years of age from becoming president.
    • The average age of the man entering the Oval Office for the first time is 55 years old. In case you’re curious, he’s also married, has children, doesn’t have a beard, and has a decent likelihood of being born in Virginia.[1]

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