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Stage play “ Chaar Laachaar” stagend at PNCA

ISLAMABAD, SEPT 30 (DNA) – Serious theatre has always played a great role in bringing reforms and change in social attitude of the society and is considered a source of change throughout the history commented renowned painter, sculpturist and DG PNCA Jamal Shah on the stage play “Chaar Laachaar” being presented by Pakistan National Council of the Arts at its auditorium in Islamabad.


Today serious theatre is more needed for the change in social attitude towards life in the society as due to high desire for a luxuries life is resulting many a problems for the people, Jamal Shah added.


The play Chaar Laachaar written by renowned writer Farooq Qaiser “Uncle Sargum” is a situational comedy reflecting social problems of the society.


A retired government servant having three children two sons and a daughter publishes an ad for marriage of his daughter. Advertisement for his daughter marriage“Rishta Darkar Hay” wrongly published under “House for Rent” title. People do come for the hiring of house and are treated as engagement seekers.


The girl wanted her beloved to come for her Rishta but under the plan they are also refused when parents of the beloved ask for the Rishta.


At the end the boy himself approach for her beloved Rishta but this time the brother of the girl bribe the boy by offering him hundred thousand rupees for his withdrawal from the marriage and he accepted.


The girl feel betrayed from her beloved. The main theme of the play reflects the social fabric of the today’s society and the wishes circle prevailing in our daily life.


The artists played their role very well and the audiences were entertained.   =DNA

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