Friday, September 29, 2023
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Rwanda’s development is an example for the world: Naeem Khan

ISLAMABAD, JUN 26: /DNA/ – Pakistan’s High Commissioner for the African country Rwanda Naeem Khan has said that the Africa region is very important for Pakistan. Africa is the largest consumer market in the world due to the lack of large-scale industry and production at the local level. There are immense opportunities for Pakistan’s business community in this region. The way Islamabad Chamber has made efforts for trade relations with other African countries including Ethiopia for some time is commendable. I hope that as the Head of Mission to Rwanda and other countries, I will continue to receive the full support of the Islamabad Chamber and the business community.

He expressed these views during his visit to Islamabad Chamber of Commerce and Industry on Monday. He said that the diplomatic and political importance of Africa for Pakistan has its place but the most important is trade. In the policy given to us by the government, trade has priority. I invite the business community of the whole country, including Islamabad, to set up their display center in the Pakistani Embassy in Rwanda, we will provide full facilities, Rwanda is an excellent tourist destination, the business community should also pay attention to it.

He said that the African region is of great importance at the political and diplomatic level in the whole world. Africa is well represented in all international forums including the United Nations, OIC. We need to take advantage of it. Speaking on this occasion, President Islamabad Chamber of Commerce and Industry Ahsan Zafar Bakhtawari said that the past and present of Rwanda is an example for other developing countries of the world. We also need to learn from the way Rwanda has taken steps to eradicate poverty, reduce unemployment and increase the level of education in a period of 20 years.

Through political stability and continuity of policies, Rwanda has achieved a position that is now called the Singapore of Africa. The presence of more than 50% women in Rwanda’s cabinet is proof that women’s full participation in the race for development is essential. Africa is the most important region of the world where there are immense investment opportunities to provide basic facilities like food, health and education to a population of more than 100 billion. For success in this most important region, Pakistan needs to take support from friendly countries China and Turkey, which have a lot of influence in the African region at the commercial and political levels. Pakistan’s deployment of ambassadors to African countries is welcome, this project needs to be expanded further.

He said that the appointment of a seasoned diplomat like Naeem Khan as ambassador to Rwanda, Congo, Burundi and Angola is a welcome step. He said that direct flights have started between Pakistan and Ethiopia. This will help connect not only the Central African region but the entire Africa with Pakistan. He said that the current trade volume between Pakistan and Rwanda is not encouraging.

Pakistan needs to work on the target of taking its exports from 80 million to one billion dollars in the next 5 years. He said that between Pakistan and Rwanda, rice and tea are the two main commodities that are imported or exported. Work can also be done to increase this list. Ronda tea is famous all over the world, Pakistan also needs to learn from their experiences. He said that by starting direct flights with Rwanda and increasing trade volume, short-term results can be achieved, while long-term results can be achieved by providing opportunities for students of both countries to study in universities. He told the Ambassador that the Islamabad Chamber is active in increasing its commercial, social, cultural and political relations with the whole of Africa.

In this regard, the Pakistan Africa Business Forum was organized .Next month, the Chamber will once again try to establish direct links with the business community across Africa by organizing the Pak-Africa Business Forum. In the event, prominent exporters of the Pharma industry from Islamabad informed about their difficulties regarding Ronda.

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