Sunday, December 3, 2023
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Reforms are welcomed but killing of Afghans is unacceptable

Reforms are welcomed but killing of Afghans is unacceptable

Abdul Waheed Waheed

KABUL, Afghanistan, OCT 30 /DNA/ – I consider it the honor and duty of every human being to fight against any aggressor in any place and at any time.  Undoubtedly, the civil war over power is hateful and repulsive and its memories are so painful and disturbing that I cannot comment on it.  Similarly, the tradition of tolerance among Afghans is so important to me that I do not want to discuss it.  Here, if someone gets power, they consider peace as necessary and when they are removed from power, they consider war as compulsion and duty.

  Former fighters responsible for overthrowing the previous regime, strongmen, Kabul destroyers and even half-drunks who landed in Afghanistan during the recent US-imported democracy are also thousands of miles away to deceive Afghans.  are present in the country.  Again, the drumbeat of civil wars and spreading prejudices is heard.  During his rule he took advantage of all the privileges of the government and the nation, his stories of corruption and usurpation defamed our country, he once again supported the deception of Afghans by raising the holy slogans of so-called abolition.  are seen  Occupation

 If only our culture of learning from the past and finding the causes of the destruction caused by the wrong policies of the Afghan leaders and blindly following the leadership of the people and learning from the past would be recorded.  If you look at the pages of history, surely the pioneers of civil wars in our country and those who do all kinds of corruption in the name of democracy, thieves and looters of national wealth will again enter the field for power and their personal goals.  They do not have the courage to consider the killing of Afghans as a solution to the problem.Ironically, these men fled when it was their duty to defend the country, armed with American weapons by the end of the month, and millions of Afghans under their command. The agency killed Afghans to achieve its goals.  is reserved for  Proxies and demands for Afghanistan’s salvation and freedom from thousands of kilometers away.  This parachute creature crosses all green and red lines to get foreign support and asks every foreigner for financial help to kill his Afghan.  Even if they sometimes get this support, the memory of the Afghans is not so weak that they consider the escape of the heads of the security agencies as a reason and then dare to put their hands on their heads to rule.

  There is no doubt that there are hurdles and hurdles under the umbrella of “A” in the field of political struggle in Afghanistan at present.  The political struggle here is not easy and the current government does not have the courage to tolerate political opposition, but the question is, is it easy to destroy the system through wars?  Is the killing of Afghans the way to reform?  Is there no need for sacrifice in the love of the country?  Have not the political strugglers at the international and regional level endured the hardships of persecution, kidnapping and imprisonment throughout history?  Have struggle heroes throughout history sought prior permission for ceremonies or red carpets?  Didn’t those who demanded reform and change sacrifice their lives and property?  If the desire for power and privileges from foreign countries is justified in such a way that the poor people of the country are ready to kill the oppressors and make sacrifices and these fighters seize power, then I say that this is the idea.  Wrong, with the help of outsiders, the series of past disasters will continue.

 If we look at some of the current positive developments in the country, it is certainly a source of happiness that the bodies of hundreds of Afghans killed in the war every day are not sent home, and thousands of Afghan orphans and those killed are now missing.  are orphans.  The war is not being sent home, don’t mourn the coffins.  Village bombings, night raids, urban suicide attacks, car bombings and landmines are rare.  The level of corruption is low and every inch of the country is ruled.  There are possibilities and intentions to prevent and end armed insurrection, there is a source of orders and orders, there is no fragmented and fragmented system of government, so it is natural for the ruling party to respond to the wishes and demands of the people.  The graph should also be high.  And the emirate also respects the responsibility of elders.Of course, it can be safely said that all is not well.  There are shortcomings, there are deprivations, there is gender and caste discrimination, there is injustice, there is injustice, the country is isolated, restrictions and shortcomings in building relationships have brought the people to this point.  Despite repeated promises, religious duty and national responsibility, discrimination against modern sciences continues for the last two years.  Girls’ schools are closed and girls’ access to universities is still a mystery.  There is no focus on the principle of public participation in decision-making and there is no national form of government.  These shortcomings are the stains on the forehead of the present system which will be difficult to clean and now the excuses offered by the authorities have been proved to be baseless.  Promises of reforms in various parts of the system do not show signs of reality and leaders make statements as if everything is rosy and rosy and problems are created by domestic and foreign adversaries in the form of conspiracies and conspiracies.

  Apart from gratitude, we also have requests from the leaders of the emirate to take positive steps in certain cases.  In order to protect our development and get rid of heavy responsibility in the future, we are telling them that our policies in the field of education and governance are ruining the country and ruining the people.  This current policy is a burden that cannot reach the destination.  Before you are forced to accept the country’s calamities and challenges, or accept the bad orders of foreigners, the country will be destroyed once again within the framework of your accepted religious and cultural indicators, of its people.  Hear the cries and cries, accept their cries.  Demand positive change in your policies and join forces.

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