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PTI Expresses Concerns over Imran Khan’s Safety, Security, and Health

PTI core committee appeals higher judiciary to take notice of fascist govt unlawful actions  
Says family members, lawyers, leadership being denied access to PTI Chairman

ISLAMABAD: /DNA/ – Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Core Committee voiced serious concern over the safety and security as well as health condition of the PTI Chairman and former primer Imran Khan, who was kept in solitary confinement against set rules and regulations as no one was allowed to meet him.
The most important meeting of the PTI core committee was held on Sunday and expressed serious apprehension over the fascist government ham-handed approach and cruel treatment meted out with the PTI Chairman.
The PTI Vice Chairman Shah Mehmood Qureshi and Central Secretary General Omar Ayub along with members of Core Committee participated in the meeting.
The PTI demanded immediate release of PTI Chairman from unlawful imprisonment.
They appealed the Honorable Judiciary to take notice of the absurd and misbehavior of the government and address the concerns of the family and the party regarding the health and safety and security during his imprisonment and not allowing access to lawyers and family members to meeting the PTI Chairman.
During the meeting, a detailed discussion was held on important issues including the arrest of the former premier, his transfer to prison, keeping him in the worst form of solitary confinement and not allowing access to lawyers and family members.

The participants discussed important points of legal action for ensuring immediate release of Imran Khan.
In was stated that lawyers were not giving information pertaining to the health and safety, which was condemnable. They expressed serious concern over the arrest of Imran Khan by Punjab Police instead of Islamabad Police.
It was said that in defiance of the court order, PTI Chairman was transferred to Attock Jail instead of Adiala.
They also strongly condemned the fascist government for depriving the people of their constitutional right to peaceful protest against injustice through imposing Article 144.
The meeting stated that every move against PTI Chairman until his arrest under the guise of a very biased trial and flawed and biased decision clearly reflected revenge, adding that no information was provided about Imran Khan since his arrest in a very inappropriate and absurd manner.
The core committee went on to say that they did not know about his health and safety condition, as his lawyers were constantly trying to access him, but the Yazidi government did not give them access to the most popular leader of the country.
They alarmed that more than 24 hours have passed since his arrest, but they did not have any information regarding his medical position, which was worrisome.
The participants stated that according to the law, after the arrest of former Prime Minister, a medical examination in a major government hospital was required, adding that they were unaware as what condition he was imprisoned.
They said that keeping in view of the past record of custodial violence during the fascist regime, the committee feared about possibilities of physical and mental violence against him.
The core committee concerned about the quality and cleanliness of food given to him, as there were reports that the condition of many prisoners worsened due to poor sanitation in the jail.
PTI core committee demanded that lawyers must be given access to Imran Khan for legal proceedings against biased decisions, as denying access to lawyers was tantamount to depriving the former Prime Minister of his legal right to litigate.
They urged that the fascist government should shun its cruel and vindictive approach and give access to the legal team to PTI Chairman forthwith.

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