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PSL: Lahore Qalandars beat Islamabad United by just 1 wicket


SHARJAH, FEB 21, (DNA) – In match no.14 of PSL 2017, Lahore Qalandars defeated Islamabad United by just 1 wicket.Grant Elliott snatched a win from Islamabad s jaw as he hit the six of the second ball of last over.

 DR Smith, Rafatullah Mohmand, BJ Haddin, BM Duckett, Misbah-ul-Haq*, SR Watson, Amad Butt, Shadab Khan, Mohammad Sami, Mohammad Irfan, Rumman Raees

BB McCullum (capt), Fakhar Zaman, Umar Akmal, Mohammad Rizwan†, CS Delport, GD Elliott, SP Narine, Sohail Tanvir, Aamer Yamin, Mohammad Irfan, Yasir Shah

Overs 19.2 I Score 146/9 I Yasir Shah*, Grant Elliot 26*

Umar Akmal kept going and hit another boundary in the 16th over to bring Lahore Qalandars closer to the victory. Shadab Khan brought Islamabad United brought Islamabad United back in the match by dismissing Umar Akmal in the 17th over.

Grant Elliott took charge after the dismissal of Umar Akmal and Sunil Narine also helped him by hitting Shadab Khan for two consecutive sixes but soon went back to the pavillion after scoring 12 runs.

Lahore needed 24 runs off the last 3 overs and scored 12 runs in the 18th over to bring the required run rate down to 6 runs per over. Elliott hit a four in the 19th over and it looked like the match was over but there still a twist in the tale.

Rumman Raees and Muhammad Sami got two quick wickets to bring Islamabad very close to the victory as they needed just one wicket. But Elliott hit a six off the second ball of the last over to win the match for Qalandars.

Overs 15 I Score 102/5 I Umar Akmal 59*, Grant Elliot 6*
Umar Akmal took the charge in the eleventh over as he pummeled Amad Butt for a four, six and another four in order to soar the run rate for the Qalandars side. A total of 15 runs came of Amad’s over.

Irfan Jr was unlucky as he got run out without opening his account as he was running for an unnecessary run at non-strike end. Umar Akmal too charge once again in Watson’s over as he hit a four and a massive six of the last ball of the over.

Shadab Khan bowled brilliantly in the next over as he conceded just four runs in the thirteenth over. Rumman came into ball in the next over as he was hit for a massive six of the last ball by Umar Akmal.

Umar Akmal also hit a cut short of Irfan’s bowling that went straight for four more. Qalandars needed 44 runs in 5 overs with Umar Akmal still on the crease.

Overs 10 I Score 54/4 I Umar Akmal 17*, Irfan Jr 0*

Like the previous edition, Rumman had also impressed at this PSL as well. The promising bowler came into ball in the sixth over as he removed the dangerous McCullum who was caught by Misbah at mid-off. Only two runs and a wicket came of Rumman’s over.

The leggie Shadab Khan was brought into the attack who removed the brilliant Fakhar Zaman after he went for four more. Lahore Qalndars in trouble as two of the players fall one after another in two overs.

Watson came into ball in the eighth over and went for 7 runs in the over while conceding one boundary. A boundary was hit by Akmal of the last ball of Shadab’s over as he six runs were scored in the ninth over.

Watson provided the breakthrough in the tenth over as he cleaned up Rizwan on last ball of the tenth over. At half-way stage, Qalandars needed 92 runs of 60 balls.

Overs 5 I Score 27/1 I Brendon McCullum 10*, Fakhar Zaman 0*

The tall left arm fast Muhammad Irfan bowled the first over as he was smashed away for four runs by Delport on the third ball. Muhammad Sami came into ball in the second over as he looked aggressive and fast from the very outset. However, things really went bad as he not only bowled a no-ball but also conceded a boundary as the ball went over the keeper’s hand.

The skipper pummeled one away for four more off the free-hit towards point as Sami conceded 9 runs in his first over. McCullum also took the charge in the next over as he punished one away for a boundary of Irfan’s bowling.

Sami came back strongly in his second over as he conceded just 3 runs in the over. Muhammad Irfan provided the breakthrough that the United were looking forward to while removing Delport in the fifth over of the innings. Delport was caught by Shadab as he was trying to hook a bouncer from Irfan.

Islamabad United Innings

Overs 20 I Score 145/8 I Mohammad Sami 1*, Mohammad Irfan 0*

Amad also hit Narine of the last ball of the sixteenth over as he tried to make things swift for United. Irfan Jr came into ball in the next over and bowled exceptionally well as he conceded just five runs in the over. The lad bowled really well at this stage of the innings.

Meanwhile, Shadab Khan made his presence felt in the match as he pummeled one away for six of the very first ball of the eighteenth over. However, Sohail came back strongly as he conceded just 3 runs of the next five balls.

Shadab Khan took the charge in the next over as well as he hammered one away for six of the first ball and for four of the very next in an effort to soar the run rate. The promising hitter from United side Shadab lofted another one for six of the penultimate ball of the second last over. Irfan went away for eighteen runs in the last over he bowled.

Amad rocketed one in the air as the ball fell into the skipper’s hand at mid-off. Shadab hit Tanvir for four more of the penultimate ball to provide Islamabad United an opportunity to put a decent total on the board.

Overs 15 I Score 95/6 I Amad Butt 9*, Shadab Khan 3*

Shah came into ball after the half-way stage and bowled really well as he conceded just six runs in the over. Aamir Yamin had been a clear frustration for the United side and even became a nightmare as he removed skipper in the twelfth over of the innings. Misbah-ul-Haq was caught behind by Rizwan as delivery from Yamin nipped back in and took a healthy inside-edge as a result as the keeper makes no mistake in grabbing an brilliant opportunity.

Yasir Shah cleaned up Duckett in the very next over as the batsman completely misses the ball while trying a switch hit. In the next over, the departure of Watson added further to the miseries of Islamabad United as the dangerous Watson was trapped in front of the stump by the exceptional Narine.

Amad Butt took the charge in the fifteenth over as he hit one down the ground for a maximum of Elliot’s bowling.

Overs 10 I Score 64/3 I BM Duckett 10*, Misbah-ul-Haq 13*

Aamer Yamin came in the sixth over and bowled exceptionally well as he cleaned up Haddin on the fourth ball. Yasir came into ball in the seventh over as he was hit by Smith for six on the first ball. However, the promising leggie trapped Smith plim in front of the stump as he departed for 20 runs. Misbah-ul-Haq hits Narine for four more in the eighth over of the innings.

In the next over, the skipper hit Yasir for a maximum straight over his head. Ben Duckett also scored a boundary of Muhammad Irfan’s over. At half-way stage, United were 64 for the loss of three wickets with skipper on the crease.

Overs 5 I Score 34/1 I BJ Haddin 1*, DR Smith 13*

Rafatullah Mohmand and Dwayne Smith started the proceedings on Islamabad United’s behalf as Smith started off things in style while punishing an over-pitch from Sohail Tanvir for four more on the very first ball of the match. Rafatullah took the charge in the second over as he pummeled one away for six of Aamer Yamin’s bowling in the second over. Sohail Tanvir also went for 12 runs in the third over as openers provided a good start to United.

Aamir Yamin provided the initial breakthrough as he removed Rafatullah Mohmand in the fourth over of the match. Narine bowled exceptionally well in the fifth over as he conceded just three runs in the over.

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