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Prime suspect confesses killing Abdullah’s mother over money quarrels

KARACHI: Rizwan Ayaz Khan,who was arrested by police Wednesday night confessed to killing Haleema, lost boy Abdullah’s mother over a fight they had over some money.

A week after the body of lost boy Abdullah’s mother was found from an apartment in Delhi Colony, officials of the Frere police station arrested the man suspected of her murder, on Wednesday, from Super Highway.

The police claimed that Rizwan Ayaz Khan’s hideout was located through a mobile phone call. The accused had on May 25 dropped the deceased, Haleema’s, three-year-old son Abdullah at the Edhi Centre claiming that he had found him at Sea View.

It was on June 1 that police located twenty-five-year-old Haleema’s body from an apartment which was discovered to have been handed over to her through Rizwan – a real estate agent.

The police had identified the suspect from the Edhi Centre’s CCTV camera footage. A day later police officials arrested Rizwan’s wife Sonia from their house located in Mehmoodabad. She was sent on a nine-day physical remand by a judicial magistrate on June 4.

Sonia alleged that Rizwan had asked her to leave with him but he fled after she refused. The wife during interrogation disclosed that Rizwan had brought Haleema over to their place for some time but later got her an apartment in Delhi Colony.

A resident of Qayyumabad, Haleema was reported to have left the area for Multan with Abdullah and her husband, Iqbal, three months ago. According to a neighbour, who spoke to Faisal Edhi after Abdullah’s pictures were shown on television channels, the family had left for Iqbal’s medical treatment.

Haleema’s brother – also the one who identified her body – confirmed the neighbour’s story and informed that Iqbal had passed away during treatment after which she had come back to Karachi.

However, on June 5, 69-year-old Muhammad Iqbal claiming to be the deceased’ husband reached the Edhi Centre in Karachi to get Abdullah’s custody. According to the man, he had divorced Haleema a few months ago after they had been married for 10 years.

Authorities at the centre, however, did not hand over the boy’s custody to the man since the child did not recognise the man. The matter would now be taken to court and any decision regarding Abdullah’s custody can only be expected after the court ruling.


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