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PM House, not FO running foreign affairs, Sherry

Islamabad, December 2, 2016: Vice President PPPP and former Ambassador to the US, Senator Sherry Rehman expressed shock and dismay over the government’s bizarre release of a readout of the phone call between President-elect Donald Trump and Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif.

The phone call between the two leaders took place on Wednesday to discuss future prospects between the US and Pakistan.


The former Ambassador said, “Releasing that unabridged readout without permission represented a total breach of diplomatic norms and has placed Pakistan in a poor light”.


The government’s decision to release the readout in the manner that it did, drew a slew of criticism from former White House officials and the international media.


“There is no way that a trained Foreign Service Officer would release this kind of granular detail on their own, they are way too experienced for that. This huge faux pas has obviously been initiated by the PM’s office,” said Rehman.


The President-elect and the Prime Minister also received heavy backlash over the ignorance and recklessness revealed in the content of the readout. Foreign policy experts fear that it would have strong implications on US policy towards India and Pakistan.


“This has exposed the gaping hole in this government’s foreign policy machine and made it look even more enormous. The refusal to appoint a full time Foreign Minister has left a dangerous vacuum on a key ministry where too much is falling between the cracks. This has been one of the PPP’s key demands in order to protect Pakistan’s interests, but we fail to understand why no one is given this full time responsibility, especially considering the daily challenges Pakistan is facing in this vital ministry,” concluded the Senator.

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