Friday, March 1, 2024
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PIA acquires three Airbus A330 aircraft from SriLankan Airlines

KARACHI: Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) has acquired three Airbus A330 aircraft from SriLankan Airlines on a wet lease, sources in the organisation said.

The aircraft will be used for a ‘Premier Service’, which kicks off from Aug 14 and will be operated for flights from Islamabad to London.

Each aircraft will travel 11 hours per day and will cost PIA $88,000 daily, which will add up to $264,000 for three aircraft.

The acquisition of the aircraft on wet lease means the SriLankan Airlines crew will operate the flights while the exterior is painted in traditional PIA colours with the national carrierโ€™s logo.

Sources say PIA, which has been a loss-making entity in recent times, came under criticism by its Board of Directors for spending extra on the new aircraft.

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