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Petition filed in Apex Court to shut down CII

ISLAMABAD, 30 MAY (DNA) – The controversial bill on women protection approved by the Council of Islamic Ideology (CII) has been challenged in the Supreme Court on Monday.  The bill was challenged by Barrister Zafarullah. He claimed in his petition that the CII misinterpreted Quranic verses in the bill.

He said Islam doesn’t permit violence of any kind on women. The petitioner said CII was passing bills on its wish, and in complete neglect of the Islamic principles. He urged the court to declare CII bill as void and order shutting down the Council of Islamic Ideology.

It may be noted that the Council of Islamic Ideology (CII) on Thursday approved its ‘women protection bill’ encompassing a number of ‘curbs’ on women including intermingling with opposite gender, besides ‘light beating’ for wives who defy their husbands.

CII chairman Maulana Mohammad Khan Sherani had announced salient features of the bill at a presser. The CII’s bill prohibits interaction between na-mehrams at recreational spots and offices, and bans ‘dance, music, and sculptures created in the name of art’.

“Husband has to fulfill all the financial needs of his wife, whether it be clothes, food, shelter or any other thing,” the CII head added. While defining women rights in Islam, he said Islam gives numerous rights to women.

Maulana Sherani said it was woman’s right to learn defence to protect herself from harassment or oppression. Woman can with her personal will work for defence of her country but she was neither responsible nor somebody can force her for it. However, the state can forcibly put men into its defence, if required. DNA

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