Thursday, June 1, 2023
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Passport delivery times reduced

ISLAMABAD, Apr 29 (DNA): The Pakistani authorities have reduced the
delivery times for issuing passports of all categories.

The Director General Immigration and Passports has issued an official
notification the other day announcing changes to passport delivery

According to the notification, the delivery times for normal, urgent and
fast-track passport services have been reduced to 10 days, four days and
two days respectively.

The previous delivery times for normal, urgent and fast-track passport
services were 21 days, seven days, and four days respectively.

The reduction in delivery times is expected to provide significant
relief to passport applicants who were previously facing delays in
receiving their passports.

The decision to lower the delivery times is believed to have been taken
due to the increased number of passport applicants in recent times.

The DG Immigration and Passports has been receiving a large number of
applications for passports, and the new delivery times are aimed at
improving the efficiency of the passport delivery system and reducing
the backlog of pending applications.

The new delivery times will also help individuals who require passports
on an urgent basis, such as those who need to travel for work or medical
reasons. The DG Immigration and Passports has advised applicants to
follow the prescribed procedures and provide all the necessary documents
to ensure a smooth and hassle-free application process. Interestingly,
there was no word about any change in the passport fee. DNA

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