Friday, June 14, 2024
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Palestinian child paints Turkish flag before being martyred in deadly Israeli air raid on Gaza Strip

Rafif Ebu Dayir, 11, painted a Turkish flag just before she died in an Israeli attack on Gaza. The girl was having lunch with her family on the lawn of her house when a nearby business center was hit.

The last picture she painted depicted a demolished building near her house. Almost as if she was predicting her death, Dayir drew a Turkish flag along with the flag of a few Arab countries.

Her uncle, Halid Ebu Dayir, told Anadolu Agency that his niece lost her life seven days before her next birthday.

“She was telling her father that she wanted to become a doctor and treat children,” he said.

Recalling that the recent attacks by Israel claimed the lives of 66 children, he said: “For what crimes were these children killed, I’m asking ‘the state of Israel,’ the state which claims to defend human rights.”

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