Wednesday, May 31, 2023
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Pakistan, Sweden ties from cordial to excellent: Amb Zahor


STOCKHOLM: Ambassador of Pakistan to Sweden Dr Zahor Ahmed has congratulated Sweden on its National Day. In his video message Ambassador Zahor said this is the day when we celebrate the Swedish national flag, which has become a symbol of peace, peaceful co-existence and conflict reduction.

He added, these are values which we also share back in Pakistan. We believe in developing our economy on the basis of sustainable technologies and greening OF our economy. Pakistan, he said wants cordial relations with all the countries.

Ambassador Zahor said there are 35 Swedish companies who have established offices in Pakistan and contributing to various sectors. We have more than 22,000 people of Pakistani origin living in Sweden.

Pakistan strongly believes in human rights and democratic traditions. These are the common values that bring both Pakistan and Sweden together. Because of these common grounds both the countries maintain excellent relations.

“We believe that there is a great room for more collaboration especially in the field of innovation where Sweden is a world leader and where the government of Pakistan is focused upon,”. Environment of course is yet another area where both countries can cooperate.

Then the higher education is yet another area where both countries can expand their cooperation. Many Pakistani students are studying in the Swedish universities adding this cooperation can further be increased.

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