Sunday, September 24, 2023
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Pak embassy in China works out plan to promote tourism industry

BEIJING, Dec. 25 : The Pakistani Embassy in China is working on a plan to promote tourism-related industries between the two countries, Gwadar Pro reported on Friday quoting ambassador Moin ul Haque,

A Chinese website has been set up for this purpose, which the ambassador assured will be available soon. In view of the long-standing friendly relations between China and Pakistan, he added the two countries will work together to develop the endless potential of the tourism industry of both sides.

Ambassador Moin ul Haque delivered a speech via video on the Unveiling Ceremony of Qingdao Boutique Tourism Promotion Association held on Thursday. He emphasized the significance of tourism in strengthening cultural exchanges, investment promotion and social and economic development between countries on the occasion.

He said, “The development of tourism plays a vital role in the development of China’s rural and remote areas. It is also an indispensable part of the task of getting rid of poverty. During the recovery period of the epidemic era, its importance has been further demonstrated in many countries, including China.”

The ambassador further stated that Pakistan, as a country with an ancient civilization, its beautiful landscape and rich cultural diversity is rapidly growing into a major tourist destination in the region.

Pakistani government is actively promoting related tourism construction to attract more international tourists to take Pakistan as their preferred tourist destination.

He also highlighted the investment opportunities for the development of tourism infrastructure in Pakistan.

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