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Nisar hints major breakthrough in fake ID card probe

Nisar says will beat terrorism

ISLAMABAD, 01 AUG, (DNA) – Interior Minister Chaudhry Nisar on Monday spoke to a press conference and said that a high level meeting is going to be held, Chief of Army Staff (COAS) General Raheel Sharif will also attend the meeting.

He said that criticism was not an option as the very initiative was taken for the sake of national security. A total period of six months was given for NIC verification. He said that public participated in the verification more than the government expected.

Total 26 hundred thousand messages were received to National Database and Registration Authority (NADRA) by the public on an individual basis. Total 20 million and 24 hundred thousand IDs had been verified, Nisar added.

Total 37 thousand calls were made to NADRA helpline, out of thirty thousand complaints made by the public, twenty thousand intruders and aliens had been highlighted, The minister said.

He appreciated peoples’ initiative to approach NADRA for the verification process and said that four people had called NADRA and surrendered their fake Pakistani identities so far.

In the last process of verification, Nisar said that those who obtained NICs and passports through illegal means will be arrested and sent to jail if failed to prove their true identities.

He also said that those holding fake ID cards will be sentenced jail for 14 years as in the past, Pakistan’s passport was used for human trafficking and other illegal activities on global level.

Anyone who identified fake ID card will be rewarded with Rs 10,000, Nisar announced. More than 2000 passport requests were rejected in this tenure and that he expected that there will be a time when acquiring fake Pakistani ID cards and passports will not be as easy.

No country on the globe could eliminate the process of fake identification cards and passports, he added. In the past 3 years, everyone could be deported to Pakistan but this was not going to happen now, Nisar said.

Talking about Karachi Operation, he said that presence of paramilitary forces in Sindh should not be politicised rather people and the government should praise Rangers and their peacekeeping missions should be lauded.

Nisar said that total 89 personnel were injured in Karachi Operation as federal government conducted Karachi Operation in consent with every political entity including Sindh government.

He said that some sort of poltical hindrance was created everytime Rangers arrested an influentional or prominent personality. =DNA

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