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NCRC convenes inaugural advisory committee meeting to address child trafficking

Islamabad, JUL 19 /DNA/ – NCRC is pleased to announce the commencement of its first advisory committee meeting on 19th July 2023. The meeting convened esteemed experts, policymakers, and stakeholders to discuss critical issues of child labour and child trafficking, aiming to strengthen preventive measures and protect the rights of children.

The NCRC is an independent statutory body established by the Government of Pakistan for the promotion, protection, and fulfilment of children’s rights in Pakistan. NCRC has the mandate to examine and review policies, laws, practices, and proposals, inquire into violations of child rights, conduct research, raise awareness, build capacities, provide technical support and advise the Government on legislative and policy matters by virtue of the National Commission on the Rights of Child Act of 2017.  

The advisory committee, comprising of leading authorities in child welfare, gathered to engage in in-depth discussions on the pressing challenges related to child labour and child trafficking. Participants shared their valuable insights and perspectives to collectively devise effective strategies for the prevention and eradication of these grave violations against children.

Recognizing the urgency and gravity of these issues, the NCRC is committed to leveraging collective expertise to address the multifaceted challenges posed by child labour and child trafficking. With an unwavering focus on child welfare and protection, the advisory committee aims to undertake a comprehensive discussion on these pressing concerns and devise actionable strategies to combat them effectively.

The advisory committee suggested to embark on an in-depth analysis the current landscape of child labour and child trafficking taking into account the underlying causesand delving into its devastating impact on vulnerable children and society as a whole.Participants also discussed existing policies and laws while proposing innovative solutions to strengthen legal frameworks and enforcement mechanisms.

Some of the key highlights of the discussion wasenhancing awareness and advocacy efforts, legislative reforms, implementation, and accessible shelters for children with disability.Moreover, strategies for raising public awareness and fostering greater advocacy against child labour and child trafficking wereexplored to mobilize communities and stakeholders.

The committee also suggested to foster partnerships between government agencies, NGOs, and civil society to effectively combat these egregious violations.The NCRC firmly believes that safeguarding children’s rights is a collective responsibility, and this inaugural advisory committee meeting represents a significant step towards creating a safer and more just society for children.

“The issues of child labour and child trafficking demand our utmost attention and unwavering commitment. Our advisory committee brings together experts from diverse fields to engage in constructive dialogue, leading to concrete actions in ensuring the rights and protection of every child,” stated Ayesha Raza Farooq, Chairperson, NCRC.

“Issues like child labour and child trafficking requires joint and collaborative actions from key stakeholders,” stated Khalid Naeem, member- ICT.

“Children begging is a violation of their rights and a form of exploitation. Giving money to children on the streets is a form of grooming. Recording children on the streets and posting videos, make them vulnerable and is unethical,” stated Nadia Bibi, member-KP.

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