Thursday, June 13, 2024
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Nawaz Sharif wants general elections simultaneously


MADINA MUNAWARA: Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N)
Supremo and former prime minister Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif has said
that Pakistan’s progress and prosperity was stopped after massive
rigging in 2018 elections and imposing a selected and incompetent prime
minister who not only ruined the country’s economic stability but the
whole system.

“When we came into power after the 2013 general elections, the country
was facing a lot of difficulties, the PML-N the then government brought
the country out of severe crises,” he said.

He as addressing the iftar dinner in honour of former federal minister
for religious affairs and chairman Hazara Tehreek Sardar Yousaf Khan and
central coordinator Prof Hafiz Sajjad Qamar by him.

Federal Minister for Finance Muhammad Ishaq Dar, Hussain Nawaz, Sohail
Zia Butt and other Sharif family members were also present on the

He added that the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz was the only party which
could brought the country out of crises being faced by the nation
presently. He said that due to his efforts Pakistan was on the way of
progress and prosperity.

The PML-N leader has said that simultaneous elections of National as
well as provincial assemblies were necessary so that the country could
be streamlined on the path of progress and prosperity.

Nawaz Sharif congratulated both Sardar Yousaf and Prof Sajjad on
performance of Umra. They also congratulated the ex-premier for
performing Umra after a gap of five years.

Nawaz Sharif has termed imposition of Imran Khan on the country a
conspiracy against Pakistan to stop it from progress. The inefficient
PTI previous government has not only ruined the country’s economy but
also responsible for humiliation of the institutions.

He said that whole Pakistan nation considers that PML-N is the only
party, which has the abilities to bring the country out of present
crisis. He said PML-N never wants to stay away from holding elections in
the country, rather it wants streamlining the issues first. Elections on
one or two provinces is not the solution to present crisis.

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