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Nauman a dedicated Pakistani ensures efficiency of Zonergy Solar project

ISLAMABAD, Mar. 26 (DNA): Muhammad Nauman Younas, a dedicated Pakistani worker always on forefront ensuring efficiency and safety of 900MW Zonergy Solar project, says a report published by Gwadar Pro on Saturday.
“Engineering safety always comes first.” In his work, Muhammad Nauman Younas always adheres to the principle of safety and efficiency. He is very dedicated to the work to meet up the Daily Generation Record and cop it up with monthly and yearly targets.

Muhammad Nauman Younas, an electrical engineer working at the Zonergy 900MW Solar Project in Pakistan. “In power station operation and maintenance, he always does his best. 
Over the years, the power generation performance of his CREST power station has always ranked first in the power generation performance of all our station. In the future, we will train Nauman Younas as a technical backbone and reserve cadres,” Liu Yalin, General Manager of Zonergy Power Generation Division, said to Gwadar Pro.

2022 is his third year in the solar project at Quaid-e-Azam Solar Park, Bahawalpur. Muhammad Nauman Younas graduated from the NFC Institute of Engineering and Technology in October 2016, majoring in Electrical Engineering. 
After that he did Master in Electrical Engineering from The Islamia University, Bahawalpur. He holds the position of Operation and Maintenance Engineer, to accountable for the Planning & Execution of Preventive maintenance Schedule to improve the reliability of Equipment.

In Nauman Younas’ view, joining the CPEC project is a win-win option. “In 2019, during final year of my studies in Masters, I found myself more interested in renewable energy sector, especially solar energy, which is also the future of the developing countries including Pakistan. Zonergy developed the largest solar energy project in Pakistan under the framework of CPEC. Of course, they can offer me a handsome salary as well. 
Given that, I expressed my sincere interest to be a part of the team. Being a part of such esteemed organization means endless possibilities.”

In the past 3 years, facing the heavy and challenging daily work, Nauman Younas has made a great contribution not only as an employee but also as a regulator. “I need to formulate regular cleaning plan of photovoltaic modules, weeding plan of photovoltaic park and joint inspection plan according to site requirements,” he recalled. Besides, Nauman Younas supervised the work of workers and ensure their safety to make sure no safety incident occurs.

In 2020-2021, under the dual pressure of epidemic prevention and control and safe production of electricity, in order to comprehensively improve the safety skills of employees, Nauman Younas bravely shouldered the heavy burden and organized diversified trainings, such as safety regulations, fire safety knowledge, occupational health, confined space work, accident education video lecture, etc.
“No details no success,” he emphasized. At the most severe moment of the epidemic, he took the initiative to give up his vacation, overcame difficulties with Chinese colleagues to completed various tasks with high efficiency and quality.

“Being a part of CPEC project itself is a reward for me. There is no substitute for hard work, and it is because of my work ethic that has never changed, I got “Best Employee of the year” in 2020 from Zonergy and the “Outstanding Employee of the CPEC” award for the year 2021,” winning the awards can be described as the most fulfilling moment in his life, Nauman Younas told Gwadar Pro.

Zonergy 9*100 MW Solar Project covers an area of 4,500 acres. By now, the first phase of the 3*100MW project has been successfully connected to the grid for power generation in July 2016. When completed, as the largest single photovoltaic power generation project in the world, it can provide nearly 1.3 billion kWh of clean electricity every year, which greatly relieves Pakistan Electricity shortage. 
As a native Pakistani, Nauman Younas is faced with the rapid development of the project every day and night, “My hometown is Burewala, a city of Vehari District in Punjab province. Energy crisis is a long-standing issue, both in my hometown and throughout Pakistan.
The gap between increasing population and the need for more energy is yet to be bridged by the authorities. This project has really helped Pakistan come out of the energy crisis to some extent. Also, it provided employment opportunities for countless young people like me who want to change their lives and also do something for the country.”

At the end of the exclusive interview, Nauman Younas expressed his good wish, “the Zonergy project and CPEC made me a better person and I can do something to reward my family’s support. I really wish all the good luck for the continuous growth of our project.”

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