Wednesday, May 25, 2022
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NAB makes highest recoveries from businessmen, lowest from politicians

ISLAMABAD, APR 17 (DNA) — The National Accountability Bureau (NAB) made highest recoveries from businessmen and lowest from politicians through plea bargain deals and voluntary payments.

According to the official document, the NAB recovered Rs17.16 billion through plea bargain and Rs7.15 billion under voluntary payments, making Rs24.31 billion the total amount of recoveries from the businessmen.

Similarly, the NAB recovered Rs4.21 billion through plea bargain and Rs3.96 billion under voluntary payments from the bureaucrats, making Rs8.17 billion the amount of total recoveries.

Moreover, the NAB also recovered Rs420 million through plea bargain and Rs50 million under voluntary payments, making Rs470 million total recoveries from the politicians.

Also, the NAB also recovered a total of Rs21.68 billion from others under plea bargains and voluntary payments. =DNA


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