Friday, June 21, 2024
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Atleast 123 burnt as toppled oil tanker catches fire in Bahawalpur


BAHAWALPUR, JUN 25 (DNA) – At least 100 people were killed when an oil tanker caught fire in Ahmedpur Sharqia area of Bahawalpur on Sunday.

The oil tanker overturned on National Highway after which petrol began to spill out of it. The people rushed to it to collect the spilling fuel when it burst into flames scorching the people. Bodies of numerous victims are charred beyond recognition.The massive fire injured at least 120 people who were shifted to Victoria Hospital for medical assistance.

However; the death toll is expected to rise due to the non-availability of burn unit and lack of facilities in emergency as it is hindering the treatment of the patients.

Dozens of vehicles standing aur passing by the tanker were also gutted down in the blaze.

Punjab Chief Minister while taking notice of the incident has directed to provide better facilities to the patients. He has also summoned report of the incident from the authorities.

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