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Low attendance mars Argentina national day reception

ISLAMABAD, MAY 26 (DNA) –Low attendance marred the Argentina national day reception as a very small number of guests attended the show, diplomatic as well as civil society sources told DNA.Diplomats and members of civil society who attended the event were surprised to see a small number of people keeping in view the 10 year stay of the Argentina ambassador in Pakistan.Many diplomats were of the view that since the Argentina ambassador is expected to leave Pakistan after completing his tenure therefore people did not show any interest in the event.

May 25 is Argentina’s National Day, also known as First Government Day. It celebrates the constitution of the first government that became independent from the colonial Spaniards after the May Revolution in 1810.

European explorers arrived in Argentina as early as 1502, led by Américo Vespucio. Spanish navigator Juan Díaz de Solís found the River of Silver in 1516, but was killed as he tried to go up river. Later in 1534, the northern part of Argentina was given to Pedro de Mendoza, who in 1536 built the Port of Santa Maria del Buen Ayre, today the city of Buenos Aires.

Spaniards came to colonize the land, and the Jesuits created as many as 30 missions all over the territory. Much later in 1810, Spain was invaded by Napoleonic forces. In Buenos Aires the viceroy tried to remain faithful to Spain, but he was under great pressure as independent forces gathered and asked for independence for Argentina and surrounding territories. Meetings were held during May Week in 1810, and it was decided that a revolutionary junta should take control of the country.

Meanwhile, outside in Plaza de Mayo, the people were getting nervous and demanded to know what was occurring. On that same day, May 25, the first new government was formed, but it was still under the influence of Spain since many of the members of the junta were Spanish descendents.

The Federal Minister for Defence Production Rana Tanveer Hussain was the chief guest on the occasion.= DNA

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