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Japan sets best examples of Technology Transfer in Pakistan: FPCCI

KARACHI, April 05 (DNA): Khalid Tawab, Senior Vice President FPCCI encouraged the role of Japanese Companies in Pakistan by setting the best examples of technology transfer in Pakistan and more sectors are looking for joint ventures with Japan in agriculture, information technology, energy, housing, industries, engineering and construction.The Senior Vice President FPCCI expressed his sentiment in a meeting with Consul of Japan Atsushi Murata who visited FPCCI Karachi. He further said that Japan has established the automobile industry in Pakistan in real sense and also several Japanese brand in different sectors made their big share. Tawab said that exchange of delegation is an important tool in enhancing trade and commerce.

He emphasized on reactivation of exhibition activities of Pakistan in Japan and asked for having Japanese representation in upcoming Pakistan International Trade and Fair in September 2016 organized by FPCCI. Khalid Tawab further said that trade between Pakistan and Japan is around US $ 2 billion which is not at par with the potential that exists in two countries.

He shared that Pakistan export to Japan is US $ 193 million while import of Pakistan from Japan is US $ 1.7 billion for the same period. He identified the high potential areas for Japanese investment, comprised of energy sector, coal fired power generation, hydel power generation, oil and gas sector and establishment of the refineries. He also said that Japan should concentrate on the transfer of technology in Pakistan for the development of economy.

Faisal Jamal Dasti, Vice President, FPCCI briefed that Gwadar will be the Biggest Shipping Corridor by connecting Gulf and Arabian Sea; Japan will have a vast opportunity for availing the trade benefits from South Asia and UAE along with Central Asian Countries via CPEC – China Pakistan Economic Corridor.

He further highlighted that opening of trade with Iran will favour the China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC). The common geographical borders as well as religious affinities are among other factors, which give impetus to enhanced level of trade in coming days.

Japanese Consul Atsushi Murata said that Japan is working together with the Pakistani partners in every sector of the economy and culture as well at all levels, in order to promote and consolidate the bilateral cooperation in the political, economic / trade, cultural and other fields. DNA

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