Tuesday, December 5, 2023
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Islamabad, Punjab decide to conclude military deployment

ISLAMABAD, Jun 10 (DNA): Islamabad and Punjab governments on Saturday
decided to conclude the deployment of the military after an improvement
in the law and order situation.

The Chief Commissioner’s office sent a letter to the Ministry of
Interior, requesting the withdrawal of notifications regarding the
deployment of military issued on May 10 in the public interest.

The letter stated that the troops were deployed in the federal capital
Islamabad to maintain peace and stability, but the security situation in
the is now satisfactory so there was no need for further staying of the
troops. Similarly, the Punjab government has also written a letter to
the Ministry of Interior, requesting the immediate withdrawal of the

It should be noted that the military was deployed in Islamabad and
Punjab after violent incidents broke out on the arrest of the PTI chief.
Article 245 was invoked on May 10.

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