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Iranian Ambassador thanks Pakistan for condolences on President Raisi’s death

Iranian Ambassador Reza Amiri Moghadam

ISLAMABAD, MAY 21 /DAN/ – Iranian Ambassador Reza Amiri Moghadam thanked the Government of Pakistan and its people.

He appreciated their sympathies and solidarity over the death of President Seyed Ebrahim Raisi.

President Raisi, Foreign Minister Hussain Amirabdullahian, and other dignitaries died in a helicopter crash.

The Ambassador spoke with Ahsan Zafar Bakhtawari, President of the Islamabad Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ICCI).

Bakhtawari visited the Embassy with a delegation to offer condolences.

The Ambassador called Pakistan a great friend of Iran and promised to continue President Raisi’s vision.

He assured that agreements made during President Raisi’s recent visit to Pakistan would be implemented.

He thanked Pakistan’s President and Prime Minister for their concern and grief over the tragedy.

Bakhtawari praised President Raisi as a bold and dedicated leader of the Islamic world.

He mentioned Raisi’s efforts for peace and the restoration of diplomatic ties with Saudi Arabia.

Bakhtawari highlighted Raisi’s clear stance on the Palestine issue.

He noted that Raisi aimed to boost Pakistan-Iran trade to $10 billion.

Bakhtawari said Raisi’s death is a loss for the entire Muslim world and prayed for his soul.

He registered his sentiments in the Embassy’s Condolence Book.

Former ICCI President Zafar Bakhtawari praised Raisi’s contributions to Pakistan-Iran relations.

Executive member Maqsood Tabish mentioned Raisi’s rise from an orphan to President of Iran.

ICCI members Imran Chheena and Khalid Chaudhry were also part of the delegation.

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